This cheap OTC supplement can regenerate damaged nerves

It works by increasing energy production — and the results are amazing…


This cheap OTC supplement can regenerate damaged nerves

An exciting new study shows that we are just beginning to understand the regenerative potential of the human body.

The experiments centered around the rejuvenation of axons — nerve fibers — which can be damaged in cases like spinal cord injury.

In one series of experiments, researchers found that genetically modified mice could regenerate these nerve fibers.

This was achieved by detaching mitochondria through genetic modification, allowing mitochondria and energy to reach and repair damaged axons.

In later experiments, the researchers achieved a similar effect using a common over-the-counter supplement — creatine.

Both treatments were designed to increase energy production in the damaged nerves, allowing those nerves to regenerate naturally.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Indiana University in Indianapolis. The results were published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Energy is central to life and health — especially so in the case of recovery from injury.

“Axonal regeneration in the central nervous system is a highly energy demanding process.”

Recovery from axonal damage (think spinal cord injury) is notoriously difficult.

Because energy is so important for recovery, researchers began to wonder whether the unlikelihood of spinal cord injury recovery was due to energy deprivation in the region.

“An energy crisis in injured axons has raised the question of whether recovering energy deficits facilitates regeneration.”

So these researchers wanted to find out whether boosting energy to the injured axons could accelerate their recovery.

First, they created genetically modified mice. These mice were deficient in a protein which keeps mitochondria attached to axons.

Mitochondria are cellular organelles which produce all of our energy.

The theory was that the now free-floating mitochondria could drift to the injured, energy-depleted axons and give them the energy needed to recover.

Those experiments showed that it is possible to accelerate spinal cord injury repair by boosting energy levels.

“We demonstrate that these genetically modified mice display enhanced regeneration, accelerated regrowth of axons, and increased sprouting of uninjured cerebrospinal tract.”

The energy-boosting genetic modification accelerated recovery from spinal cord injury.

The researchers then carried out another set of experiments using a common bioenergetic supplement — creatine.

Creatine is one of the most widely used sports supplements in the world. It’s mostly used to increase endurance and muscle growth.

Creatine also has the property of boosting mitochondrial energy production.

The researchers carried out a series of experiments looking at the effect of creatine on spinal cord regeneration in these mice.

Creating accelerated spinal cord regeneration in normal mice. The supplement caused far greater spinal cord regeneration in the genetically modified mice.

“Administration of the bioenergetic compound creatine boost corticospinal tract regenerative capacity in genetically modified and wild-type mice.”

The increased regenerative ability of creatine in normal mice was quite modest — however it is very exciting that these initial experiments prove the concept.

It is possible to vastly improve outcomes in tricky health conditions like spinal cord injury by increasing energy to the damaged cells.

Other recent experiments in this area have shown that a hormone called progesterone can accelerate limb regeneration in amphibians.

In another related study, researchers found that creatine can help to fight some types of cancer.

Creatine can do this by increasing energy production to the immune cells which form our natural cancer defense.

Creatine is becoming one of the most interesting substances for promoting increased cellular energy generation.

It’s also very safe, except in the case where someone has a kidney disease.

Increasing the ability of cells to produce energy has incredible healing potential.

“Our study suggests that enhancing cellular energetics is a promising strategy to promote regeneration and functional restoration after central nervous system injuries.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.



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